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Research Credit: Jessi Johnson

Edward J. Majusiak

Survived by his nephew Jerry and his neice Marie

Edward John Majusiak was born on October 2, 1918, in Hazelton, Pennsylvania where he lived his entire life. He had three brothers: Joseph, Francis, and Thomas, and two sisters, Lucy and Marilyn.

majusiak Yearbook_full_record_image (1).

His Senior Picture caption: "Ed" would make a fine "G" man. He takes his time and seldom speaks. There are times when his silence even affects his reciting in class. Could it be that he spends too much time raising that mustache of his?

On January 15, 1942, when he was 22 years old, he enlisted as a Private in the Army Air Corps at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In November 1944 (during his WW2 service) he was admitted to the hospital for a severe case of the flu.

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Edward's older brother, Reverend Francis T. "Father Frank" Majusiak (1914-1992) was a Catholic Priest, and his sister, Marilyn, was a Catholic Nun. She is buried in the Bernardine Sisters Cemetery in Pennsylvania.

Edward never married. According to his nephew, Jerry, his favorite hobby was keeping pigeons. Mr. Majusiak died in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1983 at the age of 64 years old.

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Before looking for a relative for Edward, my daughter Jessi had to figure out what his name was. Below left is Mr. Majusiak's name as written on the back of the ground crew picture , the only information we had. On the right are my daughter's efforts at trying to figure out what his name was. Props to her for not giving up! 

Crew Rum Boogie 4 Ground Crew Names on B
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