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Sgt. George T. Gant, Waist Gunner

 Survived by his two sons, Dan and Terry, and his two daughters, Janice and Marcia

George Gant was born on November 17, 1922, in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Both of his parents, William and Ethel, were also born in Tennessee.  The 1930 Federal Census above shows his parents and two older brothers, Paul and Winston. George graduated from high school, and then, on January 6, 1942, enlisted in the Air Corps at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.  

Color pictures from

     WW2 are rare.

edited Gant news article.jpg

The newspaper article to the left gives good details about the  Rum Boogie Crew's war experience.  The paragraph marked with the arrow describes what was most likely the Raid on Paris, "the bomber was badly shot up. The hydraulic system, radio, oxygen, and several control cables were knocked out.  The number one engine was also shot out, and the crew was forced to dump ammunition and everything else 'not nailed down' to lighten the ship and get it home." 

After the war was over, George went to college, obtaining a degree from Peabody College in Nashville. He then worked for Aladdin Industries in Nashville, a company still in business today.  Later, he went back into the Air Force as part of the army occupation of Japan.  His wife, Maydie Grace and young son, George Jr., stayed in the United States until February 11, 1953, when they set sail from Seattle, Washington on the USNS Simon B Buckner, bound for Yokohama.  Once in Japan, identical twins were later born in the Tokyo General Hospital.

While serving in Japan, Lt. Colonel Gant received the Commendation Ribbon.

Gant Colonel George Gant0001 picture.jpg
Gant Colonel George  Gant0003 AC Medal.j

After going to Japan, the family traveled around to several different air force bases. Mr. Gant spent 30 years in the military defending our country and retired a Lt. Colonel. After his military career, he continued his service to his country by working for the State of Tennessee and the Department of Veteran's Affairs. 

George's wife, Maydie Grace died on March 27, 2002, at the age of 78.  George died just three months later on June 6, 2002.  George's father in law, Fred McGlohn, who was a B17 mechanic during the war, died within two days of George.  The Greatest Generation indeed. 

Gant Gravesite pic.jpg
Fred McGlohn gravesite.jpg
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