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Mission #16 - July 25, 1943

           Kiel, Germany

Between noon and 1300 planes of the 4BW took off for another long flight over water to hit the German Naval Installations at Warnemunde.  At 23,000 feet, the 96th flew lead while the 388th flew low and the 94th flew high.  Once more 10/10 clouds over the Baltic forced the Wing to seek out Kiel as a target of opportunity.  While in the process of wheeling around in the sky from the primary route, the 388th elected to bomb the enemy's Rerick-West Airfield at Westrow.  Here they suffered their first casualty (1 plane and crew).  The 96th and the 94th found both E/A activity and flak intense in the Kiel area.  But strike photos later showed several hits and some near misses between a cruiser and a submarine.

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