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Mission #22 - August 24, 1943

         Bordeaux, France

Three planes of the 96th joined the 4th BW on a "milk run" bombing of enemy airfields at Conches Evreaux.  This same day the weather in Africa permitted the return of the Regensburg force.  It bombed the airfield at Bordeaux-Merignac on the way back.  One plane 42-3275, Sack-Time, had undergone repairs at Marrakesh.  It couldn't join the raiders; rather, Lt. Shelton and crew made their way back separately and landed at Cornwall.

It was decision time for The Miracle Tribe.  Their little mascot had such a dignity even in her woebegone condition that they christened her Lady Moe.  A long-nosed oxygen mask was rigged up and she was stowed in the radio room tucked beneath all the blankets the crew could scrounge.  Sgt. Gray was her keeper.







Lt. Miracle had been flying No. 3 just to the left of the lead ship.  So when the landing pattern had been joined at Snetterton, The Miracle Tribe was first to land.  Ray MacKinnon reported that when the plane taxied in, Lady Moe's head was sticking out the waist window for all to see.  Later, on a visit to London, MacKinnon saw a newsreel entitled "Americans Return From Africa."  There again, this time a film star, Lady Moe came taxiing in to receive plaudits.


Picture taken in airplane the day after returning from North Africa on August 24, 1943.

Landing Snetterton -- Returning from North Africa Shuttle Raid, bombing Bordeaux, France on return.  Lady Moe, Louis Klimchak, Coots Matthews.

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