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War of Words

Updated: Feb 19

Explore the rest of this website about my dad's B-17 crew:

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Sir Douglas Bader was a Royal Air Force flying ace during the Second World War. He was credited with 22 aerial victories, four shared victories, six probables, one shared probable and 11 enemy aircraft damaged. To celebrate his upcoming birthday on February 21st, here is a story about the Royal Air Force hero:

Bader was giving a talk at an upscale girl's school about his time in the war as a pilot. "So there were two of the f***ers behind me, three f***ers to my right, and another f***er on the left," he told the audience. The headmistress went pale and interjected: "Ladies, the Fokker was a German aircraft." Sir Douglas replied: "That may be, madam, but these f***ers were in Messerschmitts."

Messerschmitt BF110

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